Broccoli ki sabzi – Indian-Kashmiri style spicy broccoli

O O broccoli! We all know how healthy broccoli is. But still so many of us are hesitant to eat it on a daily basis… maybe the texture, the appearance, the taste…

Last night Aunty Mumtaaz’s had dinner as Zunee; her newest granddaughter and her parents, were visiting) We are going to miss Zunee, she is leaving today, she has such beautiful curly hair.

Aunty Mumtaaz had so much variety, and she had made this broccoli cooked in Kashmiri style.

It was so good, no kidding. And the recipe, oh so easy. I had to write it down, before I forgot it.

So here you go.


broccoli heads, seperated into florets (or a pack of frozen broccoli)
dry onion (looks like coconut flakes)
oil for cooking,
salt, red chilli powder, turmeric, and garlic


In oil, put the onion, and quickly drop the broccoli in it. Aunty Mumtaaz said not to mix the broccoli with the spatula too many times. Shuffle the pan instead. And let it cook till it gets tender. Add the spices. Cook a bit. Done.

It tasted so good with plain white steamed rice and yogurt. Hmmmm.. yummy!

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